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Madelle Models: escort agency in Antwerp

Looking for a high-class escort agency in Antwerp? Welcome to Madelle Models!

Escort agency in Antwerp, Madelle Models, is one of the most high-class escort agencies in Antwerp and the rest of Belgium! At our Antwerp escort agency you will find a selection of stunning high-class escorts available for outcall services in Antwerpen. Our models are part-time escort girls with a daily occupation which are working as escort only a few times per month. Madelle Models is not a typical escort agency! At our high-class escort agency you will find stunning young ladies with perfect looks and great personality which are available for dinner-dates, VIP events, city-trips and much more!

At Madelle Models we have a strict selection process towards our escort girls. We have met all the models from Antwerp and rest of Europe in person to make sure their appearance and personality matches our high expectations. We will never start a cooperation with an escort girl without first having met her! This is also one of the reasons why we don’t have many escort girls on our website, because we go for quality over quantity!

Why using escort services of our high-class escort agency in Antwerp?

Escort is a hard business, we have seen so many changes in the past years. From escort agencies who are using fake photos to escort girls who are cooperating with 4 to 6 different agencies at the same time (and mostly at different rates). At Madelle Models we want to be different! It is for a reason why 95% of our clients are regulars, because they respect our way of working. It is very hard for us to work in an honest way, because nowadays models are surprised when we ask to meet them in person before starting a cooperation. This is because most of the escort agencies nowadays are selecting their models just by a few selfies!! The models are even more surprised when we refuse to present them with their professional photos! At our high-class escort agency we present our escort girls with realistic and non-photoshopped photos made by our own photographer. It is very important to us that the clients don’t get disappointed when booking escort girls through our agency in Antwerp.

At our high-class escort agency in Antwerp we go for quality over quantity!

We prefer to have less escort girls, but to keep the quality of our escort girls high enough. We invest a lot of time and energy in selecting the right models for our clients. Clients often don’t understand how hard it is to find the right escort girls. At Madelle Models we work internationally what makes the selection process even harder. We have to travel constantly to meet the escort girls in person and out of 20 escort girls that apply, maybe with 1 we decide to start a cooperation! At our high-class escort agency we don’t select our models only by looks. The general appearance is important as well (manicure, pedicure, clothing style, general hygiene, we REFUSE models with “fake lips”).

Besides the general appearance we also look at the personality of the model as well. We prefer to cooperate with models with a soft and sweet personality. We REFUSE arrogant models. High education is another very important aspect in our selection process.

Feel free to contact our high-class escort agency in Antwerp if you require further details regarding our escort services. Our international escort agency is also operating in Istanbul, Milano, Munich, Copenhagen, Madrid, Dubai, Frankfurt, Vienna, Rotterdam, Monaco, LuxembourgLondonBrusselsGenevaZurich and many more European cities.

Madelle Models Team

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