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The word which should come to your mind when you think about Hong Kong should be the word 'fast'. You might think you have seen it all and being in London or New York was the most crazy and energetic experience, yet trust us if days in New York feels for you like a minutes, in Hong Kong they run like a split seconds. This city has got over 7 million people and you can spot on crowd and full of people streets all over. Its the place where dynamic vibe surrounds you the moment you land and you simple cant go back.

Follow the flow and let it take you away by showing you the most amazing sides of this amazing city! There is so many things to do in there that making a little to do list would definitely help with that. You should explore some of the most well known shopping centres and treat yourself with some gifts, also trying their amazing food, mainly healthy dim sums is such a good idea, specially after full day of shopping and walking around. Book one of our VIP escort girls from Hong Kong to be your personal guide. They know all the best places in Hong Kong and they will make sure your trip will be unforgettable.

Hong Kong has got an extremely interesting architecture and taking good care and capturing it all on your camera is a must. All the high skyscrapers, landscapes and views from the tallest building you can only imagine, you can simple find it all in here. Try to visit as many local food markets too, there is quite some of them and each has got a totally different concept and very different things to offer. You can easily reach any of the market by taking a local boat tour or a ferries. These are a common transports of Hong Kong and you wont have to wait long in the cue to reach whenever you plan is either.

Although the adventures in Hong Kong are countless, probably your time is not. Talking about that, here are some of the main places to see just to make your trip productive, fun and something to remember. A very must thing to do would be to visit the Victoria Peak, it’s the most popular view point and from there you can see almost full panorama of the city. It’s a very popular attraction for many tourists and when you would be lucky enough to have a sunny day, this view won’t disappoint you for sure. It’s simple perfect, especially if there is not much dust and fog around. You can see the amazing greenery, great architecture and also spots like the Victoria Harbour or many mountains which make their way all the way up to Kowloon's. Why not inviting one of our exclusive escort girls from Hong Kong to be your date?

If you would like to see some of the mountains from the closer perspective, then make your way to the Peak Tram which is the most familiar and also the steepest railway to try. Picking the time of the day to go there is your choice, unfortunately very hard one to make as both sunset and sunrise really complement each other. How about going there twice? Literary the best thing you can do to yourself is treating yourself with the famous and one and only dim sums! Wherever you go these top little pockets filled with yummy treats waiting for someone to taste them. This kind of dish is served in a basket which is mostly made from a bamboo leaves, before nicely steamed to keep the nutritious and flavours in.

The choices are varied, you can have them either with prawns, some nice and tender beef or even a chicken. All accompanied with vegetables and spices. Time of the day to have them is all up to you, these days locals often start their morning even with a little basket of few of them. The best place and most popular to try them is a restaurant called Tim Ho Wan, it’s a Michelin star spot chosen as one of the twelve best spot for a dim sum in the whole Hong Kong. If you are aiming for more Michelin star restaurants then the areas like Sui Po and Tai Kwok Tsui are the places to hang out. Looking for a dinner-date in Hong Kong? Our stunning VIP escort girls from Hong Kong are the perfect companions if you are looking for luxury models to join you for a dinner.

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Make sure you try more things then that though, perhaps chartering some boats and going around or going to a night street market is a great fun. Also visiting the monuments of Great Buddha and hiking all the way to how they say Dragon Back is a hell of an adventure. And hopefully you will find some time to relax and enjoy the company of one of our outstanding escort girls from Hong Kong too just as a high pick of all your travels.

Our International Models can travel and join you to Hong Kong or any other trip you wish. Our Exclusive Escort Agency will help you to find and discover a woman whom you desire. Our Hong Kong Escorts will provide you with the best companionship services you can only think of. Amazingly pretty and sensual, you can call your trip a 'heaven' afterwards, as this is definitely how you are going to feel. Fulfilled and blessed with a bit of an extra care all the way through.

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