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Place which could simple bring the best out of any holiday. Are you are dreaming about a combination of Asia and Europe and trying to experience the best of it almost together? Istanbul would be ‘the place’ by offering you all that. Perfect gateway which shows you combo of these two continents. Istanbul very much embraces the mixture of many cultures. The best thing is that as a tourist you can easily spot on the diversity of each of them on every corner of the street. For example Bosphorus, well known river which divides city in between two continents is a nice spot to relax and enjoy the view. Probably thats why a weekend in here is not enough to see it all.

If you are planning to explore and truly understand the culture of this place, you would need to spend in here at least few months or even a year. This great vibe and energy of this beautiful city brings all the best what Istanbul has in offer. If you are a cultural freak, here are few things that you should definitely try while being here. Traditional guests would be glad to enjoy the values of the Byzantium period which is very much spotted in any place that you are going. Each corner of the street represents young architecture and urbanisation themes. Why not inviting one of our escort girls from Istanbul to be your exclusive guide?

If we would want to focus on some beautiful buildings though, Hagia would be consider as one of the best ones to see. These days converted into one of the most visited museum in the world, before mainly used as a place to pray, considered as a mosque or a church. The amount of mosaics and calligraphy is very much admired daily by anyone who reaches this place too. Lets move further down the road though. Grand Bazar, absolutely phenomenal and most exciting street, where if you are planning to go shopping and treat yourself with some fancy gifts must be definitely visited. This street hold about 500 shops all around the area and also covers the amount of almost 60 streets. The reason for it is because Istanbul is simple the trading place since 15th century.

The culture of the local people is to sell, bargain and make the most of their products which the country has in offer. Back in a days people from all over the world mainly from Africa and Asia, where coming over to exchange or swop their good with the locals, bringing them some exotic treats and sharing their products with people around. Very useful advice is not to get carry away whist you’re around, you can easily got lost and forgot about the whole world when strolling around these magnificent labyrinths of streets, shops, cafes and little jewellery gems. If yet you did lost the meter of time and eventually you will have to stay the night in there, do not worry about it! Four Season Hotel is one of the best place to spend the night at.

Another spot which is located close to the North side of the Galata Quarter and Galata Horn is the Galata Tower. This magnificent and truly beautiful Hotel is situated in the heart of the city and the view will definitely take your breath away. Another place which is very pleasant to spend the night at would be a Hotel or Residency near by, which offers perfect sections of suites and penthouses to choose. Don’t forget to try some local turkish delights and coffee on one of the terraces at Galata Tower. Amazing experience worth waiting for. Invite one of our stunning escort girls from Istanbul to join you for a drink, dinner, spa and much more while staying in one of these royal hotels.

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Apart from a lovely architecture Istanbul has got much more to offer. If you have time to have some fun and enjoy great drinks and good cuisine, we would recommend to visit Ortakoy, over here Madonna and other celebrities pay a visit sometimes, partying all night long. Don’t feel shy by not having someone to join you during that night at all though! Our Exclusive Escort Agency in Istanbul can with pleasure take care of that any time. Our beautiful escort models are available for the VIP clients, ready to astonishe you with their charm, sensuality and a vibrant and charismatic personalities.

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