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If you are really into spanish culture and being in Madrid was always your dream, its about time to make it happen. If not by you physically being there, than at least we’ll try to present you few top spots which should appear on your list whist you eventually make up your mind. First and most important thing always, is the company you are traveling with. Regarding that we have an honour to present you some of our extremely luxury escort girls in Madrid who can be a perfect company during this Spanish adventure. Most of our escort girls from Madrid speak few language, are very well traveled, own Master Degree’s or are a self made business women. Very classy, friendly and totally a hotties.

These mix of values can really concur the world, or if not the whole world than definitely it does concur our VIP clients heart. If you are willing to get to know them better, Madelle Models Agency can proudly present you some.

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We select the most beautiful Madrid escort girls to be your date...

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While you are making your mind which Madrid escort is your perfect match let us update you with your perfect itinerary for this trip already. Madrid simple means; great fun, good music, dancing, culture & amazing food. People are very vibrant over there, always helpful and super talkative. You would really feel like you’re at Home. During the day its worth to check some of the markets in there, either its a food market with some great and fresh local products or a flower market, they will all be a great adventure to experience. Some of the markets offer also a local fast food, which is of course far from Hamburgers. When we mean fast food, we are talking about some great tapas with cheese, nice selections of hams, oysters, caviar and a good glass of wine. Just to remind you; our Madrid escorts are great guides!

The most fantastic markets to be would be Mercado san Hildefonso, Mercado San Martin or Mercado Barcelo. Before getting ready for an evening dinner, make sure you’ll try to do it the right way and make your way first to a local bar for a quick tapas.

Dinner starts late in Spain, around 10 pm so its a great idea to have a little nibble before hand and simple socialise with friends and others. You could also invite one of our VIP escort girls from Madrid to join you for a dinner. A dinner-date with one of our luxury Madrid Escort Girls can never go wrong!

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